“If you like The Doors, you will LOVE The Dirty Doors....Beyond experience you HAVE to see and will not forget.”
Tia R. - Facebook

“Best Doors tribute band around! Great musicians and you’ll think Reed is Jim Morrison!”
Christopher S. - Facebook

“If I could time travel, one of my first stops would be to see The Doors. I feel like I’ve just come back from that trip. The Dirty Doors properly rocked my world!”
myhardknoxlife - Instagram

“Great show! Loved all of it. Great guitar, keyboards, drums and especially great performance by the lead singer! Did Jim justice.”

Jeanne C. - Facebook

“Absolutely the best show I've been to in some time. Unstoppable and unparalleled energy.”
Stephanie M. - Facebook

“I have seen 6 different versions of The Doors music each saying they were the best. I’ve seen The Dirty Doors in Atlanta, and this band is the “Best.” Spot on talent from each member.”

1111metal - Instagram

“Phenomenal .... a must see for Jim Morrison / The Doors fans ... seriously.”
Nancy V. - Facebook

“I feel as though I experienced an actual Doors concert. You guys are great.”
Glen J. - Facebook

“You would swear that Jim is singing… the looks, voice, everything. Great work!”
marceltest1 - Instagram

“Virtuoso music from these 4 phenomenal performers! I would sell a kidney to see them again!”
Brian P. - Facebook

“Best tribute band I’ve ever seen. Thank you for a brilliant night!”
Shelley L. - Facebook

“Unreal show last night. If you are a fan of The Doors then you have to see The Dirty Doors.”

renkemafitness - Instagram

“You guys absolutely NAILED IT!!! You have the moves, voice, music, everything down perfectly. Best Tribute band of anybody.”
Mark P. - Facebook

"If you've never seen The Dirty Doors, trust me, GO! NOW! BUY YOUR TICKET! They are amazing and you will not leave disappointed."
Shawn M. - Facebook

“Amazing doesn’t describe it. Drove 12 hours just to see The Dirty Doors. Soooo worth it!!!”
Heather H. - Facebook

“This was our 6th time seeing The Dirty Doors and man oh man this band rocks!!! They have so much soul when playing and their passion for The Doors makes for an electrifying show.”
rocknrollsixties - Instagram

"Phenomenal show. You had the crowd in a frenzy. Simply superb. We love you!!!! "
Tia R. - Facebook

“Thank you guys for keeping the religion alive in the most authentic way possible.”
hommeld - Instagram

"These guys are fantastic! The audience absolutely loved them. I’ve never seen so many happy people. The lead singer croons, moves and emotes very much like the original Jim Morrison and the rest of the band is tight."
Scott P. - Facebook

“Incredible... The lead singer’s imitation of Morrison is spot on. And people, this man can sing and move... The band is very talented. The show is a must see. All I can say is, Go!”
Donna L. - Facebook

"These guys are fantastic! The audience absolutely loved them. I’ve never seen so many happy people."
Scott P. - Facebook

“The Dirty Doors put on a great show! I had goose bumps from beginning to end. If you get the chance to see them, do yourself a favor and do it!”
murfdaddy - Instagram

“Very seldom does realities exceed expectation… This is one of those times when it does. *****”
John L. - Facebook

“The BEST tribute band for The Doors”
baby bitch - YouTube

“What a night! The Dirty Doors rocked it!!! I'm in lust with the lead singer and my boyfriend is ok with that. Strange Days in this house.”
Donna B. - Facebook

“If you get a chance to see these guys GO! They are fantastic.. Reed Barrickman is amazing. He makes you feel as if you were actually listening to Jim Morrison.”
Debora C. - Facebook

“The Dirty Doors are so good that I felt like I was really at a Doors concert.”
Fred S. - Facebook

"LOVE THIS BAND; have seen them several times & it’s always a fantastic show!!!!"

Tammy S. - VoyageATL

“Awesome! Like Jim Morrison is alive again.”
Barbara E. - Facebook

“Mesmerizing!! Had a blast! Gonna wear my new Dirty Doors tank today!!”
Kerry C. - Facebook
“We enjoyed your show immensely! We are die-hard doors fans. You guys project your love for The Doors on stage! Fabulous show!!”
Donna D. - Facebook

“Close your eyes, hear The Doors. Open them and see the best Doors tribute band!”

Diane H. - Facebook

“Absolutely fantastic!! Awesome!! Everyone is spot on! I felt like I’ve just seen the Doors. They are the real thing!!”
Dave S. - Facebook

“They are awesome!!! The closest thing to the real thing.”
Giuliana G. - Facebook

“I’ve seen these guys before and they never disappoint. Musically they nail it! The lead singer is Jim Morrison reincarnate.”
Vee B. - Facebook

“Amazing, authentic, talented.... like I would imagine a Doors concert would have been in the 60's. Love these guys!!!”

Kimberly A. - Facebook

“Awesome performance by all members of the band. It looks and sounds like Jim Morrison in top form. Do your yourself a favor....see The Dirty Doors and take a trip back in time!”
KC M. - Facebook

“The Dirty Doors were amazing. There is nothing like hearing your favorite music live by talented musicians.”

Stephanie N. - Facebook

“Absolutely mind-blowing. I would encourage anybody who loves THE DOORS to go see these guys. They are the real deal.”
Cliff S. - Facebook

“Fantastic show! Thanks for keeping Jim Morrison and The Doors alive!”
Kelly L. - Facebook

“Absolutely amazing! They had they entire crowd on their feet. With so many concerts priced beyond reach now days, this one was a bargain and well worth the money.”
Judy R. - Facebook

“I never saw The Doors in concert, but felt like I did tonight. They were great!! Definitely would see them again if I got the chance!”
Barbara K. - Facebook

“Your band is fantastic; the audience couldn't have been more enthusiastic. You put on a great show.”
Melissa T. - Tybee Post Theater

“I was blown away by the amazing likeness in his sound and how much he looked like Jim Morrison from The Doors when he was on stage."
Dawn-Marie Mutell - Lil’ Drummer Girl Podcast

“What a great show! You guys exceeded my expectations by far!”
Stephanie W. - Facebook

“Seriously the best!!! We have seen The Dirty Doors at least 8 times now and they never disappoint! So talented!!!”
Mary Kay K. - Facebook

“This band is truly the definition of what a tribute band is. Every time they perform, they are completely all in, giving the audience a true "Doors" experience."
Caryle S. - Facebook

“Y'all killed it last night! Thank you for recreating the Doors magic.”
brooks.salondragonfly - Instagram

“They are the Best!!! I love the Doors and the Dirty Doors!! You’ll think you’re really there!”
Joey R. - Facebook

“You ARE Jim Morrison and the Doors!! Can't wait to see you again!”

Robin L. - Facebook

“I have seen two other Doors tribute bands and you guys were the best. I've been a Doors fan for almost 50 years and listening to your band was fantastic.”
Robert B. - Fan Email

“You guys rocked last night! You took me back to being 18 years old and made me believe that Jim Morrison and the Doors were playing just for me. I can’t believe just how on point you all were. Wow, just wow!”
Carol E. - Facebook

“Sounded just like Jim... I’m extremely impressed.”

Edward Z. - Facebook

“It's actually amazing how good you guys are.”
Micah B. - YouTube

“A dead ringer for Morrison. Entire band is spectacular. HIGHLY recommend these guys.”

Kevin D. - Twitter

“Awesome show. I had so much fun!!! It was truly a dream come true!! I never thought I'd get to see anything close to The Doors in my life and y'all did that for me.”
Mandy O. - Facebook

"Helluva performance! You'll swear it's Jim onstage, no lie.”
Rex C. - Facebook

“Excellent concert!! I have been a Doors fan for years. The Dirty Doors nailed it!! What a fun concert. Would definitely see them again.”

Jill S. - YouTube

“You guys were absolutely live and on point. Every show is better than the last. Keep up the great performances for us Doors fans. Thank you.”
Charles G. - Facebook

“Barrickman and the Dirty Doors, which owned the audience from the outset, covered most of the Doors’ classic songs, and they delivered them flawlessly.”
Ken Lay -

“These guys brought the Doors to life. Impressive and thoroughly enjoyable!”
Stephen D. - Facebook

“Saw these guys twice...after seeing them the first time, we drove from Charlotte to Gainesville, GA to see them again because they were so great.”
Kimberly A. - Facebook

“We don't do a lot of cover bands, but I so love the DOORS we thought we'd give the show a try. Thank goodness we did--your performance was MASTERFUL!!”
Rick L. - Facebook

“You are without doubt the best Doors tribute I've ever heard!! Keep on grooving guys!!”
mattmaudsley7 - Instagram

"Vocalist Reed Barrickman, the group’s own lizard king shaman, delivers a fresh-faced version of early Jim Morrison in cozy leather pants."
Jon Waterhouse - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“I want to go to Georgia just to see you all perform. You're great!!!!”
killer_sin_d - Instagram

“They are probably the closest thing to The Doors you will ever watch. Highly recommend catching them.”
pegahmirghafari - Instagram

“It’s hard for me to watch anyone attempt to replicate The Doors. I’m a huge fan. But I will say this band is nailing it.”
William S. - Facebook

“You're so, so awesome. Loved it!!”
Kerrie L. - MadLife Stage & Studios

“As close as anyone can get to Jim Morrison. As a lifelong fan of The Doors I was floored with your show last year. All of the band members also seem to take on the original mannerisms, musicianship, and vibe of the band.”
Bob F. - Facebook

“You guys had EVERYONE singing and dancing. The entire band was incredible. Well done!”
scaracara - Instagram

“My 17 year old son said he felt like he had actually seen The Doors after your show. We are HUGE Doors fans! Next best thing to the real thing!!!”
Andrew W. - Facebook

“The Dirty Doors rock! Jim Morrison lives!”
John C. - Facebook

“Loooooved the show!!! Was amazing to see Doors music live! You guys rock!”
freespiritsalonasheville - Instagram

“The Dirty Doors rocked. That was so much fun!!! Lead singer did a spot-on impression of Jim.”

Joe N. - Facebook

“I was absolutely blown away. A longtime Doors fan, all these guys were on point with razor sharp perfection on every note. Lead man Reed completely channels Jim’s moves grunts and howls, and powerful soul filled vocals were a solid sonic match. Simply Superb experience.”
Hayley J. - Facebook

“Lots of stage presence and the sound is impeccable. Not to mention, the Doors were an amazing band and their music rocks, much like the gentlemen in this tribute band. Go see them. You'll be glad you did.”
Dean P. - Facebook

“Had so much fun singing along and getting an idea of what it might have been like to see The Doors in the early days.”
Beverly G. - Facebook

“I saw you guys with my best friends a few months back and it was the best night of my life.”
Ben W. - Fan email

“It was such a pleasure seeing you last night. You all did such a passionate performance. Jim would be proud.”

non_everything - Instagram

“I want to see you guys so badly. Out of all the Doors tribute bands I have heard, you are the best.”
rayofsun65 - Instagram

“You are so attractive just like Jim himself. You have a lovely voice. Best cover band I’ve ever heard.”
trill_llirt_ - Instagram

“This is a GREAT band!!!! The lead singer is phenomenal!”

Traci W. - Facebook

“The voice and musically, you all are as good as our original Doors. Truly well done.”
dr_mojo - Instagram

“These guys put on a sensational show, musically 100% correct to my ears. Reed Barrickman has perfect Morrison stage moves, phrasing, and timing were all dead on just like the records. Amazing musicians all of them.”
Russell P. - Facebook

“Phenomenal. Too young to have seen the Doors live but can't imagine they were better than these guys”

Andrew B. - Facebook

“You guys are on my bucket list since I'm 16. One day I'll come and see you perform. It will probably be one of the best nights of my life.”
lilyvanhecke - Instagram

“All I can say is, if you have not seen The Dirty Doors yet, and you live in Atlanta, you are truly not a Doors fan. Make it a point to go see these guys sooner than later, you will not be disappointed, that is a fact!”
Tim D. - Facebook

“The show was awesome! I love your band! I have always been a huge Doors fan and the lead singer is perfection!”
Paula Lynn M. - Facebook

“Thought I was really listening to Jim!”
alliecat2108 - Instagram

“Hello! You are the best The Doors tribute experience I ever heard. Perfect music. Perfect voice. From Russia with love.”
Cerg B. from Moscow - Fan Email

“When I closed my eyes to focus on the music they played I could hear the echo of approval from the very band they pay tribute to. Spread the word and make it a point to see this band live whenever and wherever you can.”
Laura Farruggio - Spank You Silly

“Thank you to The Dirty Doors for keeping the legend alive. You're really the coolest tribute band ever.”
Alexia B. - Facebook

“The Dirty Doors were terrific! Thank you for becoming the music; you were the energy, you were a part of something larger than yourself.”

Charles B - Athens Talks